This page is a continuation of THE MANSON FAMILY which became necessary when the original page became longer Charles Manson's 'rap sheet', which coincidently, will, no doubt, be listed on another page of its own.
On the first 'Manson Family' page, I listed the first three girls to join up with Charlie after his release from Terminal Island. The second included the additional
'Manson Family' defendants in the 'Tate-LaBianca Murder Trials'. So, you've already 'met' six of the 'Manson Girls' on the previous two pages.

This page includes eight more female 'Manson Family' members, who each played an important role in the saga of the 'MANSON FAMILY'.

On this page I'd like to list 8 more of the individual female members of 'THE MANSON FAMILY'.


Just like the 'Manson Family' photo - squatting inside the little cave at Spahn Ranch  {top of page)
There is no indication that the gang of happy, healthy, kids in the collection of pictures would participate in the most shocking, grotesque murders in World History.

            "A FEW OF THE "MANSON GIRLS"

Each listing will include: FULL NAME - Date of Birth - "Nickname(s)" - AKA (Alias or other)
A very brief review of each individual, which could include: bio info, when & how involved with Family, criminal participation, incarceration info, present updates, and other interesting facts


SUSAN PHYLLIS BARTELL -  June 21, 1951 - "Country Sue"
"Country Sue"
join "the Family" until after the Tate-LaBianca murders, but long before the almost year-long murder trials. To avoid the mounting police pressure at Spahn Ranch, she eagerly agreed to settle in 'the Family's' Death Valley home. Nonetheless, when she arrived at Barker Ranch with a car full of groceries, and Cathy Gillies {see below} on Oct.12,1969, the California Highway Patrol, together with the National Park Rangers, and the Inyo County Sheriffs Dept. had just raided the ranch and Sue & Cathy were also arrested along with the others. If that wasn't enough, the following month (Nov.5,, the Venice Police Department responded to a reported suicide at a house where she was visiting (28 Clubhouse Ave.), rented by a 'Family' associate named Mark Ross. It was reported that a 22-year-old male, nicknamed "Zero", had killed himself playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded pistol. When police arrived, they found a group of 'Family members', including Bartell, inside the modest Venice home. Though the gun had been wiped clean of all fingerprints, everyone present insisted that 'Zero' had killed himself. Susan would eventually split from 'the Family' around late 1973, or early 1974.

CATHERINE IRENE GILLIES - Aug. 1, 1950 - "Cappy - Capistrano", (George Spahn's chosen nickname"December Elaine"
AKA: Cathy Myers (her other legal name), Patricia Anne Burke, Patti Sue Jardin, Katherine Worrell

A Southern Californian native, the diminutive brown haired, blue eyed, Cathy was 5' 3" and weighed only 115 lbs. As a teenager, Gillies was dedicated to the Sunset Strip lifestyle, and a huge Buffalo Springfield groupie. She was 17 yrs. old when she joined up with 'the Family' in early 1968. For a short while, Cathy lived at Mark Ross' house at 28 Clubhouse, in Venice Beach, where "Zero" was killed, allegedly playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun. {above}
When "Cappy" learned that Charlie was eager to locate a home which was more isolated for 'the Family' to settle, Cathy suggested some family owned (grandmother, Arlene Barker) property, two desert ranches (Myers & Barker), located in Death Valley.
After the smooth-talking, charismatic Manson, met with Grandma Barker to seek permission for 'the Family' to stay at the ranches, he closed the deal by offering Grandma Arlene his Beach Boys gold record, a recent gift received from Beach Boys' drummer, Dennis Wilson.
'The Family' would live at Barker and Myers Ranch, on-and-off, throughout 1968 and 1969.
Cathy was also arrested in both the Spahn and Barker Ranch police raids.
Gillies would later join a motorcycle gang. marry, divorce, and now remains living in the desert near Death Valley, with her four children.

SANDRA COLLINS GOOD - Feb.20, 1944 - "Blue", (Order of the Rainbow Color)
AKA: Sandra Collins Pugh
Sandra, a friend of 'Squeaky' Fromme, joined 'the Family' in April, 1968, and has remained loyal to the group since. After only a month of association, it was Sandra who found the new home for 'the Family', at the now infamous, Spahn Movie Ranch in Chatsworth, Calif.

Fortunately, Sandra was in jail with Mary Brunner on the night of the Tate murders, but she managed  to return to the ranch in time to be arrested again, in the famed August 16th police raid.
A year later, on September 16, 1969, Sandra gave birth to her son, "Ivan". Less than a month later, she was again arrested with the family during the October 10th Barker Ranch raid.
{left-Sandra ('Blue'), Ivan, Squeaky}

Her misfortune continued when, on Dec.1, 1969, London Police announced the controversial murder in England, of Joel Pugh, allegedly the father of Sandra's newborn son, 'Ivan'. left-w/Mom&Squeaky}
Good soon moved to Sacramento with staunch 'Manson Family' member, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme. There, the two women would become the original nuns in Manson's newfound prison religion, the Order of the Rainbow. {right}
Sandy led a drug free life of abstinence and took on the new name of "Blue".
Both 'Blue' and 'Red' (Lyn's new name), then became obsessed with the environment and also started the International People's Court of Retribution (a fictitious terrorist group).
In December, 1975, Sandra was again arrested, this time along with Susan Murphy, both charged with 'conspiracy to send threatening letters in the US Mail'.
She was subsequently convicted on all five counts, and was sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison. She began her sentence at Terminal Island FCI in Long Beach, moved to Pleasanton, in Northern California, and finally moved to Alderson in West Virginia, where she met up with her old friend, and new jail mate, 'Squeaky' Fromme. Released from Federal Prison in 1985, Sandra settled in Vermont upon her parole; unfortunately, little is known about Good's son, 'Ivan',

BARBARA HOYT - Dec. 27,1951
Barbara HoytBarbara began living with the family at Spahn Ranch around April of 1969. On the night of the Tate murders, Susan Atkins instructed Barbara to fetch 3 different sets of dark clothing from the family's pile of old garments. Upon her return, Barbara was greeted by Charlie, who told her that Atkins and the crew had already left. Unaware of the gang's mission, Barbara became suspicious the following day when family members were excited while they watched a TV news report of the Tate murders. The following week, Barbara was awaken by the screams of Donald "Shorty" Shea, a ranch hand at Spahn Ranch, after he took a short ride with family members, who were, in fact, killing him. Hoyt was also arrested with other 'Family' members, plus Spahn Ranch laborers, in the infamous multiple Police Dept. August 16th raid on Spahn Ranch.
While with the 'Family' in Death Valley, Barbara overheard Susan Atkins telling Family member, Ruth Ann Morehouse, that she had stabbed the very pregnant Sharon Tate to death.
 In fear, Hoyt, along with Sherry Cooper, fled the family desert camp. Manson, fearing the girls might talk, went after the pair, finally catching the girls at a diner in the little desert town of Ballarat. After a short conversation, Charlie gave the girls enough money to return to Los Angeles.
Later, in 1970, when Hoyt was reluctant to testify in the Tate/LaBianca murder trial, family members offered her an all expense paid trip to Hawaii, in return for her not testifying. Barbara accepted the deal, and, together with Ruth Ann Morehouse, they flew to the Islands to avoid the upcoming court appearance.
On September 9th, Morehouse fled back to Los Angeles, after she had fed Hoyt a hamburger laced with 10 tabs of LSD. The almost fatal dose of acid caused Barbara to radically freak out, running hysterically for several blocks, before collapsing, and being taken to a Hawaiian hospital emergency room. Authorities required Hoyt's mother to fly to Hawaii and bring Barbara back to California to testify against the family.
As a result of the Family's betrayal, Barbara willingly provided as much incriminating testimony as she knew, when she appeared at the infamous murder trials. Now disgusted the Family members, the teenager returned to high school, where, after graduating, she pursued a nursing degree in college. She would later marry (and divorce), and continues to live a normal life in the State of Washington, while raising her daughter.


RUTH ANN MOREHOUSE - Jan.6,1951 -"Ouisch"(pronounced oo-WEESH - G. Spahn nickname)
AKA: Ruth Ann Huebelhurst,  Rachel Susan Morse

Born in Toronto, Canada, Ruth Ann first met Charles Manson in 1967, not long before Charlie, Lyn Fromme, and Mary Brunner would 'hit the road' in search of adventure. Ruth's father, Dean Morehouse (a former minister) picked up Charlie and the girls hitchhiking. Dean not only welcomed the three to his home, he preached to them over dinner. In addition to Mr. Morehouse's warm hospitality, he gave Charlie a piano, the one which Manson traded for a Volkswagen Microbus (VW van) in Berkeley, enabling the ragged hippie trio to initiate their travels, which eventually landed them at Spahn Movie Ranch, in Chatsworth, Calif.
Father Morehouse soon sensed that Charlie had eyes for his young daughter, Ruth Ann,
When Manson took the teenager to Mendocino, Dad was livid and the angered minister vowed to kill Charlie Manson. Upon their return from Mendocino, the charismatic ex-con calmed Mr. Morehouse , and introduced the former "Man of God" to LSD. Upset by the whole scene, and Dean Morehouse's house guests, Ruth Anne's mother left their household to live with her sister. In contrast to his wife's reaction, Dean Morehouse embraced the newfound drug, and soon considered Charlie to be "Christ-like", allowing him to stay at the Morehouse home for weeks.
Charlie visited the Morehouse home a few more times, both with, & without, his female followers, before they all decided to travel down to sunny Southern California.
Before leaving for the Los Angeles trip, Charlie informed Ruth Ann she was welcome to join them, but only when she was married. To everyone's surprise (especially Mr. & Mrs. Morehouse), Ruth Ann caught up with her new 'Family' in Southern California, in less than a few weeks later,
It seems the young teen had married a local bus driver, then left him, and joined the family in L.A.

Ruth Ann remained with Charlie's clan, living with 'the Manson Family' at a variety of residences, up to, and including' the final communal gathering at The Spahn Movie Ranch.
The ranch's owner, George Spahn, gave her the nickname "Ouisch" (pronounced oo-WEESH).
With the family, she went on 'garbage runs' ("Dumpster Diving") where 'Family members' dig through supermarket dumpsters looking for old discarded food, or other salvageable items. She eagerly assisted when they panhandled, and was an excellent helper and took care of 'the Family' children.
During all this time, her former clergyman father, Dean Morehouse, embraced the Manson Family, and visited the group in LA on numerous occasions. Dean practically worshipped Charles Manson, at times, even more than his daughter's love for the man.
* NOTE: A rarely mentioned detail (to follow), partially ignored by Vincent Bugliosi's 'Helter Skelter' explanation of the Tate Murders' at 10050 Cielo Dr, is 'the Family's' link to the expansive spread. A link to the 'Polanski-Tate House' is crucial as the home is hidden behind a locked iron security gate, practically invisible, nestled in the secluded Canyon Hills of Hollywood. It's often speculated that Manson's link to the spacious house at 10050 Cielo Dr. was Doris Day's son, record producer Terry Melcher, who formerly lived there with his girlfriend, Candice Bergen. Manson was upset with Melcher's disinterest in his songs, and the producer's failure to proceed with their promised demo recordings. Charlie's reaction to their misunderstanding, plus the 'Family Leader's' subsequent displeasure with Melcher, resulted in Manson ordering the bloody massacre at Melcher's former estate. Despite the fact that Terry Melcher had moved months earlier, the explanation above is still most often cited as the motive for the selection of Cielo Dr. to be the location, and also why, the grisly crimes were ordered by the demonic ex-convict, and alleged cult leader.

You might be asking yourself:, "Why is the author inserting the above NOTE, right in the middle of Ruth Ann Morehouse's story?
Here's Why:
After Terry Melcher & Candice Bergen moved out, one of Charlie's music industry connections, and friend of Melcher's, Gregg Jakobson, arranged for Dean Morehouse to move in at 10050 Cielo Drive to 'housesit' the property, before the next tenants (Roman Polanski & his wife, Sharon Tate) moved in. Various 'Manson Family' members, including some involved with the gruesome murders, would go up to the secluded cul-de-sac to 'skinny-dip'  in the exclusive estate's swimming pool.

It was only a week after the Tate murders, when Ruth Ann was arrested, along with 'the Family' in the August 16, 1969 Police Raid on Spahn Ranch. It would be months later, while living at the Myers Ranch in Death Valley, that Susan Atkins told Ruth Ann about the murders of Abigail Folger and Sharon Tate. At the time, it didn't to seem bother "Ouisch";  in fact, she later told Barbara Hoyt that she knew of 10 more murders, other than Sharon Tate. Months later, she was again arrested with 'the Family' in the October 10, 1969 Barker Ranch raid. "Just before we got busted in the desert", Ruth Ann said, " there was twelve of us apostles and Charlie."
After her release from jail, Ruth Ann returned north, to briefly stay with her mother.
She returned to LA and reconnected with the 'Family' during the Tate/LaBianca murder trial, joining the other Manson girls to became a regular fixture at the corner of Broadway and Temple.
When questioned by legal authorities, Ruth Ann remained loyal to the 'Family', maintaining that she knew nothing at all about the murders.
In the fall of 1970, she was involved in a plot to keep Barbara Hoyt from testifying against the 'Family'. The two girls flew together to Honolulu, Hawaii, on Hoyt's all expense paid trip, given by the 'Family' members in exchange for her not testifying at the murder trial. However, that would all change on Sept. 9, 1970, when Morehouse flew back to Los Angeles, after putting 10 tabs of LSD in the hamburger Barbara Hoyt was eating at the Honolulu Airport. When the massive dose of the powerful psychedelic drug took effect, a freaked-out Barbara lost all control, running in a panic for several blocks, before collapsing,, requiring a visit to the nearest Honolulu emergency room.  District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi, angered by the 'Family's' betrayal, was determined to seek the harshest charges possible against all of the 'Family members' involved with the Hawaiian Hamburger episode.  He filed a range of charges, the most severe : 'Conspiracy to Prevent and Dissuade a Witness' and 'Conspiracy to Commit Murder'.
The judge dismissed the murder charge before a pregnant Ruth Ann was arrested in December,1970. Upon her initial release, Ruth Ann fled California to live with her sister in Carson City, Nevada. When a bench warrant was issued for her arrest, the D.A.'s office decided the bizarre case wasn't worth the expense, or the trouble, to extradite her,  essentially, forgetting all about it.
Thanks to her understanding Mother, and the assistance of her sister, Ruth Ann has been able to move on with her life, last reported to be living with her husband and three children somewhere, in seclusion, in the Midwest.

DIANNE ELIZABETH LAKE   1953-54?    - "Snake"
AKA: Dianne Bluestein
Dianne Lake was the typical 'California Girl', the daughter of liberal hippie parents, who were long-time communal members of Wavy Gravy's famed Hog Farm. As such, young Dianne was accustomed to group sex, smoking pot, and numerous hallucinogenic drugs, at a very early age.
After meeting the 'Family' in Topanga during 1967, (at the 'Snake Pit' AKA "Spiral Staircase"
) her parents allowed her to join 'the Family' prior to reaching her 14th birthday. Though she got along well with the girls, she didn't with Charlie; who often beat the young teen in front of the others.
During the first police raid at Spahn Ranch (Aug.16,'69), Snake was 'shacked up' with Tex Watson at a ranch in Olancho. That was when & where she first learned of "The Murders", when Tex was laughing at a newspaper headline about the Sharon Tate Murder.
"I killed her. Charlie asked me to. It was fun,"
  Watson told the shocked 15-16 yr. old 'Snake'.

He then made her promise to keep it secret, which she did, - for a while. She was arrested along with the rest of the 'Family" in the second Barker Ranch raid (Oct.'69). Throughout December, Snake testified that she knew nothing about the murders. She continued to remain silent when the LAPD interrogated her for countless hours, even when they threatened the teenager with a death sentence by California's infamous gas chamber. It was only after she befriended Jack Gardiner,  an Inyo County officer (and his wife), that she finally broke her silence, and would provide the District Attorney with specific crime details, and other incriminating evidence against both Charlie and the other 'Family', members on trial for the murders.

In January ('70), due to the intense pressure and emotional trauma (and perhaps fear of 'Family' retribution), Dianne Lake was admitted to Patton State Hospital, labeled "schizophrenic". After six months of therapy, she was declared competent to testify at the ongoing murder trials. Upon her release from Patton Hospital, Dianne was taken in by the Gardiner family, and returned to school, where she would graduate both high school and college. She is reported to be happily married, and busy raising her 3 children.

KATHRYN LUTESINGER - Aug.14,1952   "Kitty"
AKA:  Catherine Lynn Drake, Katy
'Kitty' was associated with 'the Family' due to her relationship with boyfriend, Bobby Beausoleil. Her pregnancy with Bobby's child further complicated the problems she was having with her parents, leaving 'the Family' her last resort for residence. As such, her desire to be with Beausoleil conflicted with his choice of lifestyle, as well as choice of his friends. She often voiced her opposition to Manson & his philosophies, while he often threatened her, because he felt she was attempting to lure Beausoleil away from the 'Family'. Concerned with Bobby's absence & welfare, plus tired of Manson's attitude, not to mention the occasional death threat, Kathryn fled Spahn Ranch on July 30, 1969, three days after the death of Gary Hinman, and went directly to a nearby police station to report her concerns about Manson, before returning home to her parent's horse ranch. It was only a couple days later that Bobby Beausoleil was found asleep in Hinman's old Fiat, and arrested for the murder of Gary Hinman. Kathryn had constantly called Spahn Ranch looking for Beausoleil, but no one would share what had happened to him. When Charlie finally told her, over the phone, that Bobby had been arrested, Manson wouldn't tell her what the charges were, and simply said it wasn't a big deal, and Bobby would be out in a couple of days. When calling Spahn Ranch again on August 15th, Kitty was asking to have someone pick her up, because she was having serious problems at home with her parents.

 The following day, police raided Spahn Ranch, and Lutesinger was arrested with everyone else.

The Notorious Spahn Ranch Raid - Aug.16,1969

Later that summer, Lutesinger moved to Death Valley along with most of the rest of the family members. It was while at Myers Ranch that she finally persuaded Sadie to tell her why Beausoleil was in jail. Sadie laughed, and said he was charged with murder, On the night of October 9, 1969, Kitty and Stephanie Schram fled Barker Ranch. They eventually flagged down a passing police car, and asked for protection. Once again Lutesinger started voicing her concerns about Manson, and implicated Susan Atkins in the Hinman murders.
On February 11, 1970, Kitty gave birth to a baby girl, which she named Jene. During the Tate-LaBianca murder trial, Lutesinger floated in-and-out of the family. She was arrested in November '71, for aiding and abetting the escape of family associate Kenneth Como, but charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Kathryn was married in 1973.


CATHERINE LOUISE SHARE - Dec.10,1942 - "Gypsy"
 Catherine Ann James, Manon Minette (French name), Kathleen Diane Shore, Jessica?
Born in Paris during the War, Catherine was the daughter of a Hungarian father and German mother, both members of the French Underground. While still a baby, her parents both committed suicide, leaving Catherine to be put into an orphanage. After almost an 8 yr. stay, the young girl was adopted by an American couple (a blind psychologist & wife) moving to California.
Catherine was still attending Hollywood High School when her adopted mother, afflicted by cancer, took her own life. Catherine became responsible for the care of her handicapped adopted father, a duty she loyally assumed through the rest of high school and 3 years of college. Following in the footsteps of her talented father, Catherine became a Violin virtuoso, already in possession of a beautiful singing voice. Her father remarried, so Catherine left college to give marriage a try for herself; a union which shortly ended in divorce. Now free of responsibility, she elected to spend the next few years just drifting around California, occasionally, in search of scoring an acting role or musical opportunity. It was on the set of 'soft porn-nudie western' "Ramrodder", that she first encountered another young actor/musician, Bobby Beausoleil. After befriending Bobby, and his wife Gail, she moved in with the couple, and traveled with the pair for the next 8 months. She met Charlie and the 'Family' through Bobby, while on a visit to the Spahn Movie Ranch. Soon joining the wild group. "Gypsy" (as she became known within the 'Family'), fell very much in love with Charlie, and, as the oldest female Family member, she began to recruit new female members, which would include infamous Manson girls, Linda Kasabian and Leslie Van Houten.

Gypsy was arrested in both the Aug. 16, 1969 Spahn Ranch and Oct. 10, 1969 Barker Ranch raids. During police questioning, she didn't give any information about the murders, and was eventually released. During the trials, Gypsy joined the other girls in their vigil on the corner of Temple and Broadway. When she visited Linda Kasabian, she encouraged Linda to lie about her whereabouts on the night of the Tate murders. She also helped convince Barbara Hoyt to go with Ruth Ann Morehouse to Hawaii, to avoid testifying against the family.
On January 5, 1971, Gypsy Share gave birth to a baby boy, which she named Phoenix.

During the penalty phase of the Tate/LaBianca murder trial, Gypsy testified that all the murders were Linda Kasabian's idea, and that Linda, Sadie, and Leslie had committed the Hinman Murder.  According to Gypsy's testimony, the murder resulted,because Linda was in love with Bobby Beausoleil, and she wanted to commit 'copycat killings', so the police would think he was innocent.
Catherine was involved in the LAPD Hawthorne Shootout (Aug.21,71).
Gypsy, together with Mary Brunner, Charles Lovett, Lawrence Bailey, Kenneth Como, and Dennis Rice were robbing a Western Surplus store, and had stolen close to 150 guns, when the LAPD responded to a silent alarm.
Gypsy would fire the first shot, and was wounded three times. The 'Family' members planned to use the weapons to hijack a 747 jumbo jet, in which, they planned to kill one passenger every hour, until Charlie and the 'Family members, were released from prison. Fortunately no participant was seriously wounded in the shootout with police. Nonetheless, Gypsy served 5 years in prison for her role in the ridiculous stunt. Sent to the California Institute for Women in Frontera, Gypsy joined the other Manson girls who were also there serving their respective sentences. While at Frontera, Gypsy and Mary Brunner, together with a group of Aryan Brotherhood members, conspired to break out of the prison, using wire cutters, but the group of criminals was caught at the very last moment.
Gypsy was in love with Kenneth Como (also imprisoned for the Hawthorne shootout) but Charlie sent an order for her to stop talking with him. Como, also loved Gypsy, and was obviously angered by Manson's order, resulting in an assault on Charlie in the prison yard. Once Como convinced Gypsy to forget about Charlie, the two got married, eventually ending in divorce in 1981. After being released from prison, Gypsy continued her life of crime. By the 80's, she was indicted and convicted on numerous Federal charges for her participation in an elaborate credit card scam.
While serving her lengthy Federal Prison sentence, Catherine became a born-again Christian.
She also married again, to another prisoner, Patrick Shannahan, who became an informant, resulting in their placement in the Witness Protection Program.
Vincent Bugliosi's 'Helter Skelter' update in 1994, claims Gypsy now lives a clean life and is in the process of writing a book about her wild exploits, and criminal past.