A few of the photos on this page are from CLINT The Life and Legend by Patrick McGilligan.


Clint made his entrance into this world, much like every thing he does, with a flair.

The Scene: Saint Francis Hospital in San Francisco - May 31, 1930.
Piedmont's former Ruth Runner (now Mrs. Clinton Eastwood) lies in a hospital bed, about to give birth.

ENTER: Clinton Eastwood Jr., a huge newborn, 11 lbs. 6 oz., crying.
Nurse 1: Wow! This is the biggest newborn I've ever seen.
Nurse 2: I'll say, let's call him "Samson"
Nurses start to crowd around to view the biggest baby in the ward.
Nurse 3: Hey, let's use him as our "diaper model" for the next class...
Nurses laugh ... FADE -
CUT TO: the Eastwood's Beacon apartment house, just outside Piedmont, California


There were three "nicer" grammar schools in the area around the Eastwood home in Piedmont, California, and a young Clint Eastwood managed to attend them all.

There was Glenview {just down the street from home}, the Frank Stevens School (named for a Piedmont city father), and "Crocker Highlands" (named for the Crocker banking family, who donated the site for the school).
[Pictured Left]
Note: Clint in the front row (3rd from right),

"Too Cool" to hold the banner.
Another interesting note is the boy on the left (squeezed out of the front row and refusing to join that female 2nd row) is young Jackie Jensen, future Boston Red Sox slugger, and 1958 American League  MVP.

After completing grammar school, Clint followed in both his parent's footsteps, and enrolled at Piedmont Jr. High. Three years later (Jan. 1945), he graduated to Piedmont Sr. High School, located right next door to the Jr. High.

Things got a little rougher for Clint by the end of his first year at Piedmont High  School (Jan. 1946). Junior's Dad, Clinton Sr., had picked up an old "beater" for his son to fix up and drive. Although too young to drive at 15, the lanky freshman was fast approaching his 6 ft. 4 in. height, a head taller than his classmates. Thanks to his height, the police never noticed that he was too young to be behind the wheel. Once he had the "old rattletrap" running, there was no reason to wait until he was legal. The first in his crowd to drive didn't hurt in his high school social standing. He had always drawn attention from the females, but now he had a car... Awash with testosterone, he now found interests other than academics. Auto shop was now more important than Algebra, and his academic indifference began to show. By the end of the first year, his joyriding with the boys and time spent in the backseat of his car with the girls ( he lost his virginity at 14 & saw no reason to stop), resulted in a major drop in his grades.  It was, as Clint confessed in an interview, "Cars, girls, and beer". Sporting a "ducktail" and leather jacket, he personified the new "Jimmy Dean" - "Elvis Presley" rebel. Hanging out at "Coffee Dan's", Omar's Pizza, and sittin' in on blues piano at Hambone Kelly's in El Cerrito, now took priority over homework. Summer school didn't do the trick and, as Clint's Mom discreetly confessed, "He was asked not to come back to Piedmont High".  Oakland Tech would now have a new student.

                     Oakland Tech Yearbook photo - Jan. 1949


Believe it or not, this is not a picture of Clint (bet you can spot him in this group shot) and his classmates of young aspiring actors & actresses at Hollywood's  Universal Drama School.

This classic photo was taken in 1953, in the state of Washington. It showcases the Beaver Lake  (Red Cross certified) Lifeguard Team. Beaver Lake is a 79 acre lake located in the city of Sammamish, Washington.

Though it is doubtful that any of the other "hunks & beauties" in this picture made it to Hollywood, Clint's best buddy, Bill Thompkins (back row-second from right), did follow Clint to Washington for this job, and later relocated to Los Angeles as well. He wasn't quite as successful as Clint, but he did appear on Rawhide.

Clint was assigned to King County's Kennydale Beach in Renton, Washington.

1953 - Red Cross NAS



South Pasadena, California


The beautiful bride, Maggie,  looks joyous... as always


young groom, Clint,
looks terrified
... very rare!

Not long after the wedding - - see left
Clint shows that he doesn't need a rented tux to look like a "classy stud".

Sporting this classy look must be the method which resulted in Clint Eastwood becoming one of Hollywood's most notorious   "chick magnets".

- see right

Clint's double-breasted designer tweed jacket is tastefully matched with a custom tailored pair of hand sewn Italian slacks, and his debonair look is augmented by the selection of the finest Beverly Hills footwear, only available to the "in" Hollywood elite film crowd.

WOW!  -  GEEK!


Maggie & Clint [the lifeguard] both loved the beach, and all related water sports. They're pictured here at San Clemente Beach, a popular Southern California surf spot where Clint was becoming hooked on surfing. Luckily for worldwide movie fans, Rowdy Yates  squashed that dream. At right with Clint's good buddy, Floyd Simmons, is Lili Kardell. They both shared Universal Classes with Clint, plus they lived in the "Villa Sands" Apts. on Arch Drive, near Universal Studios.

Pictured at right is the tan & buffed aspiring actor, at the beach, together with two of his closest friends, Bill Thompkins, [left] and Robert Donner [center].

The group pool party shot [above] includes the 3 buddies and their gang of Hollywood "Arch Drive" neighbors.
 Note: I've marked Clint & Maggie with Red X's. Maggie keeps an eye on her "Socializing Hollywood Wannabe".




I'll bet you don't need Red X's to find Clint in these two shots. Next to Clint, [left] , in the tie, stands drama coach Jess Kimmel. Facing Clint [right] is athletics coach Frankie Van. The pictured contract actresses include: Mamie Van Doren, Barbara Rush, and Dani Crayne (future intimate friend of Clint & Maggie, and Mrs. David Janssen). TV superstar Janssen [on Clint's left], shares the stage with Grant Williams, who would star in The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957), and [seated out front} future film star John Saxon, who would later co-star with Clint and Robert Duvall in "Joe Kidd" (1972), in the role of Chicano insurgent, Luis Chama.